A long time coming

April 20, 2018

I opened this blog in order to post on my sister’s blog using my WordPress account and ended up reading these old entries.  A lot had changed for me since I last blogged.  I was in a sports accident with a long recovery, moved to a new country, and did a PhD.  I liked reading my old entries though.  In contrast to many, I don’t experience shame or embarrassment about my old writing, in fact, I often like it more than my contemporary work.  Perhaps I’m going backwards in terms of my literary development.

I started this blog about ten years ago when I was meant to be working on some uni stuff.  I am now meant to be working on uni stuff all the time, and I still relate to that blog-beginning hankering to do free-er and more diverse kinds of writing.

I have all kinds of thoughts and ideas galloping around in my head, which may become tamer or at least have the odd nap if I write them out.  I’m living in a new city, have a new job, and am just making new connections with people.  Sharing my innermost concerns that The Handmaid’s Tale will come true and I’ll become a Martha to save my skin, with my new work colleagues in a high powered job, is probably not a great career move.  But I might put such oddities here.

In our Zuckerberg scandal infused era, it’s an unusual choice to start sharing more online.  I don’t know when I last found a new blog that I liked, and many I used to crush on are long dead and taken over by weird advertising.  Yet my life is online and I’m more concerned about my google history (I’m thinking my obsession with understanding the flat earth society, my consuming desire to understand why people join terrorist groups, and my occasional interest in where the mean girls at school ended up) than my facebook data, or the social and political ideas I like to blog about.

I might come back and write some more here.


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