If you want to be centred then stick a compass in your heart (actually a very sharing post with lots of lovely links)

October 18, 2009

I have written so many posts in my head lately, conspicuously one linking to this http://lettersfromwetville.blogspot.com/2009/06/community-education-stories-and-how-to.html which for some reason failed to upload.


I also LOVED this  http://vimeo.com/6410278 so much and urge you to watch it without judgement or protest – it is a daily bittersweet reality and I am happy that it is positively portrayed on film.


I just read a heated arguement about whether female ejaculation is really just piss – further research found a most scholarly article on wikipedia but I am left curious about what other people think.


And lastly – I can’t stop thinking about The Children’s Book by A. S. Byatt and will write about it here when my thoughts are ordered.


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