All out of love

June 4, 2009

I have been in love with this new thing for a while.  It’s not a person, no nothing as normal as that.  I’ve been enamoured of/with roller derby, a contact sport for girls on roller skates.  It was great for a while, I fantasised about where we could go together and gushed about it to uninterested parties.  I thought about it lovingly before I went slept and rearranged my life around its needs.

And maybe the initial crush is over.  It is so demanding!  It makes me tired and grumpy sometimes.  It’s hard.  It never listens when I have a problem and need to talk.  I feel like I’ll never meet its unrealistic standards.

I am a bit of a quitter.  I head out of relationships pretty quickly and always feel like I should have got out even quicker.  I havn’t played sport since I was ten and I was incompetent even then.  I don’t know whether this derby crush will be that one thing that I stick at – like in those made for tv american movies – or whether it will be like the flute, the piano, ballet, rock climbing, study, reading foucalt’s pendulum…

I like the skating, and I like that this sport is just for girls.  I like getting to hit people.  But I l don’t know whether I like it enough to keep pushing through trainings where I am slow and clumsy and frustrated.  I guess time will tell; like in all yucky, sickening, love related things.


One Response to “All out of love”

  1. Sandra Says:

    But but but missjoestar, you forgot about Highland dancing!

    What about all of the clever things you keep doing year after year? You are full of talent and each thing stuck with or ditched adds something new. It will not have been a waste of effort, no matter what you decide.

    And winter is a sucky time of illness when we all feel like quitting about a billion of our commitments.

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