smarmy git

November 12, 2008


So the fucking conservative git won my country.  And when I say my country, I think I am better qualitifed to lead it.  I have opinions about why which I will keep to myself in case they lead to a slander suit.

But did you see John Key sweating?  Even if you don’t know who he is, do a ‘John Key election night’ google search and you will see the sweat running off.  He has no idea how to do anything!  He is shitting himself!

Well, we have 3 years to allow all those people who wanted ‘a change’ (why didn’t they just get a new wardrobe or change their curtains if that’s how they felt!) to realise that actually they didn’t want a right wing fellow telling them how to contracept, educate, environment, economect..  See – his policies are such that I have to make up words to  describe them..

But really, all you can do is go on trucking, isn’t it? I mean, I bleed for the people in the US who now cant get married or adopt, but we have to get up each day and quietly keep on struggling in own own ways don’t we? 

There are people who it is right for to give up their whole own lives for a cause – like Brian in Parliament Square in London.  But fortunately or unfortunately it feels like most of us give up a part of our selves for a cause and keep the rest back for surviving.  A few amazing people seem to give it all and inspire the rest of us to give some.

I like to think that the effort of some really combines to mean something, and the people who give up their lives for a cause inspire so many more people that their sacrifice becomes somthing so much exponentially more.  I guess I’m trying to say that I think the smallest acts of activism add up to be something big, and that all of those things we do, conversations we have, and battles we fight, mean something in the end in this big cosmos of life.



2 Responses to “smarmy git”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Go girl. You’re right on the mark.

    But who is Brian in Parliament Square?

  2. missjoestar Says:

    Brian in Parliament square is that guy who protests war in London – he has lived there for years. Do you remember?

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