vote for me!

November 8, 2008

Well I just popped off to vote at the local Catholic School, feeling very smug that I was going to vote for people who are not the religious antichoice right, under that lovely crucifix.  There were two couples sitting in couches on opposite sides of the room, one wearing a red Labour rosette and the other wering a blue National one.  Don’t they know that they look like show ponies?  What is it with those rosettes?  Do you keep yours and get it out at each election or do the parties send them out to paid up members each time?  I hope the Greens don’t have them cos they are a bit naff.

The dear Greens (who I’m just a bit biased toward) do have this lovely site – where you get to turn yourself into a pin up girl or boy which is much more my style than having a frilly ribboned article pinned to my breast.

Really, right now I’m meant to be studying descriptive and inferential statistics, plus a healthy dose of research methodology in order to pass my exam on Tuesday. Thus far, it’s not happening.  I am doing a lot of glooming around in the same room as the study notes and books but that’s about the closest relationship we’ve had today.

. . . (more. to. come.)


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