crazed killers and the joy of democracy

October 28, 2008

This evening I heard about two young men’s plot to massacre students at a Tennesee high school, then do away with Obama.  It was quite a fantastical plot, some of the details seemed indicative of these fellows’ youth as much as of their misguided beliefs.  The thought for aspects like what they would wear when they killed him reminded me of We need to talk about Kevin – I know that was fiction but for me it seemed chillingly possible for someone to be simultaneously so smart and so detached from humanity to plan and carry out a mass killing.

But really, I have been thinking a bit lately on Obama’s mortality.  His fresh-faced enthusiasm reminds me of how people have described John F Kennedy and, well, he got shot, didn’t he.  I am excited for Obama and, from my tiny island over the other side of the world I am cheerleading for him.  And I hope he has a really, really fantastic security team.

Over here, we are having an election too.  Though not hitting world headlines like the U.S. presidential elections, I am on the edge of my seat and losing sleep about it.  I think democracy, and getting to go and pop your vote in the box and it being worth the same as everyone else’s vote is cool.  I’m smug that NZ was the first place to give women the vote.  I’m not so cynical about the system that I’d ever give up my little 10 cents of power.

So, in a couple of weeks – I think the 8th of November – I will be voting, then getting drunk while watching election night on tv.  Can’t beat that.


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