pattering over the keyboard

October 25, 2008

Well, here my blog-virginity goes..  I do have a 10,000 word essay to write in less than 48 hours so, of course, I am creating a blog instead.  This is characteristic behaviour.

I have been contemplating blogging for a while.  I resolved to do it after visiting my sister recently – she showed me hers and now, suddenly, I feel like I have this great little window into her life.  We are not ‘specially close and I like how I now get a sense of her thoughts on lots of things that don’t come up in conversation when we have our yearlyish catch ups.

It is a particularly interesting thing to read someone’s blog when you know them in real life, the other blogs I read feel more like first person fiction with really good characterisation.  Though brutally honest fiction.. isn’t it extra ordinary how open people are online?  I guess the invisible interconnected net means that people can say what they like about themselves and feel safely anonymous.

I don’t plan on making any great revelations here though one never knows..


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